22 Jun

Create Suspense in Fiction Part Two

Techniques for creating suspense - part twoIn part one, I wrote about creating suspense with possible danger. As promised, I’m back with another technique for how you can create dramatic tension or suspense in your books. This one is kind of a cousin to possible danger. Ready?

This one works best with a multiple point of view (POV) book. It’s that part of a story where the reader knows about a danger and the MC is unaware. For example, a serial killer character POV has just ended with the killer slipping into the MC’s house and will be waiting with chloroform, duct tape, and a scalpel. The next chapter switches to the POV of the MC who is on her way home from work and just told everyone not to bother her because she needs some peace and quiet.

See how that works? Sort of like possible danger, but with one major difference. The reader has been told exactly what the danger is and the MC has no clue.

That wasn’t too bad, was it? The next technique I’ll present probably gets used more than any others. Anyone want to guess?

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